Decision Based Training

  • At Class 'A' Training Center, we put the emphasis on each student’s personal needs and goals. With our supportive approach, students feel welcome and comfortable in our warm and open setting. As students proceed through each interactive exercise, they are continuously reminded of their personal goals and desired life path. All Life Decision courses are based on a teach and reflect methodology that forces students to address their own offense, their reasoning for committing these offenses, and how these have potential to affect them and those they care about.






 Drug Testing Clients:

If the call in line is down, you can log in online to access your testing information by typing in your browser.

Please enter the call in number.

1. Enter your Last name in the next field and your unique indentification number in the "ID Number" field.

2. After filling out the form, please hit "Next".

3. Please confirm that your information has displayed properly on the next page using the buttons at the bottom of the page. If your information is not displayed, please hit the red button to have another chance to check in.

4. The final page will display whether or not you are required to test that day.