Referring Party Login

  • Orders may be submitted online. To obtain an account, contact our Corporate Office: 586-281-0150. To access our Online Referral Area, if you do not have an online account, please complete Referral Form below:




    Features and Benefits of Class “A” Training Center’s Online System

    1. Court specific login and password

    2. Ability to view all referred individuals…
    • Status
    • Instructor notes
    • Correspondence

    3. 24/7 Access to Live information on referring individuals without the need to contact our office.

    4. Easy referring that can be done at your convenience.

    5. All forms and screens can be sorted and printed to meet the needs of each office.

    6. No more completing, faxing or mailing of referral forms.

    7. The ability to view an individual’s information without pulling a file.

    8. Convenient business size cards are provided to give each individual in place of completing a referral form while they wait.



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