Stress Management

    Stress Management is designed to aid those individuals who are having trouble effectively dealing with the
    every day pressures of their lives. This course is focused on recognizing our own triggers and finding healthy
    ways to eliminate those triggers and/or cope with them in a more appropriate manner. This is an intensive one
    day course consisting of many personal reflection exercises, group discussions and role playing simulations.
    Students in this course will leave with their own triggers, symptoms and the consequences identified as well as
    methods to deal with each and regain control of their emotions.

    Course Length - One day - 8 Contact Hours:

    • What is Stress
    • Responsible Responses
    • Coping with Stressful Situations
    • Recognizing Emotions
    • Physical Signs of Stress
    • Implementing Behavior Change

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"I liked learning to put myself first and working on my values."

"I liked learning how to let go of the past."

"I learned about my anger on a whole new level that I was not aware of until now."