Building a Positive Self - Women Specific

    This course was designed to address many of the issues females encounter after experiencing a period of dissatisfaction with their lives. In some instances, an individual may have made one poor choice that has drastically impacted their self-esteem. In others, this may be a learned response to lifelong issues, lack of a positive influence and low self worth.

    Each attendee will spend the first session reflecting on the intricacies of her as a person. This session aids the attendee in having a better understanding of self and will help guide them where they want to be. This also assists in navigating through the remaining 5 sessions and prompts the attendee to define what they hope to achieve by the conclusion of the six weeks.

    Each week attendees will actively participate in their own personal growth. This is done through simulations, role playing exercises, group discussion, written work and peer groups. With our team teaching approach, Class “A” is confident those who attend will find the positive environment a safe and welcoming place to start moving forward.

    Course Length - 6 Weeks - 12 Contact Hours, 2 hours each week:

    • Discovering You - Core Values
    • Effective Communication
    • Self Esteem
    • Relationship Management
    • Maintaining A Healthy Life Style

See what students are saying about Class A Training Center

What aspects of the Program will you apply in your own life?

"After this class I will apply the ways to communicate better and not to just say Im more confident, but to practice all the tools I learned and not eventually feel more confident"

"I will apply all ascpects of this program, I've grown so much in such a short time. I will be able to move forward from an unhealthy relationship and focus more on myself and my own goals now. The Drama Triangle was extremely enlightening."

"I really took a lot from this program."