The primary focus of this program is to educate parents on handling the many challenges and struggles of being a parent; while also giving them guidance and support for raising their children. The topics covered in the program include responsibility, relationships, discipline, parenting alternatives, and services and resources available to families.

    Participants will explore and strengthen their parenting skills, learn proper communication, and develop positive coping skills. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss the many decisions that youth are faced with today such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, anger management, and acceptance. By discussing these obstacles, parents will have the ability to educate their children and encourage proper decision making.

    Classes are broken up by the age of the attendees children. This allows the discussions and material to be appropriate and relevant to the challenges they may be currently facing.

    12 contact Hours              Cost: $180

    • Importance of School and Education
    • Techniques for effective discipline
    • Communication Techniques
    • Setting a good example
    • Boundaries
    • Defining a the responsibilities of a parent today

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"I will apply all the aspects of this program to my life. Everything that Ive learned will only help me and benefit my parenting skills."

"I like that I learned to proper way to discipline my child."