Life Skills

    Life Skills is a comprehensive program created to work with individuals to develop the skills necessary to be successful in all aspects of everyday life. Individuals may be referred to the entire program or by individual segments if found to be more appropriate. Each weeks session will last 2 hours and contain homework assignments which are collected and tracked.

    Those who complete the entire course will leave with an outlined goal statement, defined budget, completed resume, suitable email account, improved understanding of communication and problem resolution, and various resources to keep them on track for a successful future.

    Life Skills - All 4 Segments A, B, C & D - 8 Weeks, 16 Contact Hours, 2 Hours each week:

    Segment A: Communication, Self Esteem, Decisions - 2 Sessions:

    Segment A focuses primarily on lifestyle and environment. Learning to effectively communicate with those around us is an important piece to any relationship. Whether its personal or professional, positive or negative, each relationship has great potential to impact our behavior and our lives.

    • Effective Communication
    • Self Esteem
    • A Healthy Life Style
    • People in your Life and Relationship Management
    • Dealing with Legal Issues

    Segment B: Seeking Employment, Interviewing, Job Readiness - 3 Sessions:

    Segment B focuses on finding, obtaining and maintaining employment. Various simulations and role playing exercises are utilized to help attendees prepare for finding and keeping a job in this tough economy. All attendees of Segment B will leave with multiple hard copies and an electronic copy of their resume. They will also have gone through a video taped trial job interview.

    • Seeking & Maintaining Employment
    • Resume Building and Completing Applications
    • Job Readiness
    • Interviewing Skills

    Segment C: Financial Management, Time Management - 2 Sessions:

    Segment C focuses on the basic skills needed by adolescents and adults to survive and prosper in society today. Students will participate in hands-on scenarios to create a budget and balance a checkbook. They will work with a member of our staff on computer skills, learning to navigate through employment sites and other helpful resources.

    • Money Management and Financial Responsibility
    • Organization Skills and Time Management
    • Understanding Credit

    Segment D: Goals, Problem Solving, Dealing with Change, Resource Utilization - 1 Session:

    Segment D focuses on dealing with life itself. In this section we will map out a life path and discuss overcoming obstacles. Attendees will learn to navigate around road blocks, deal with inevitable changes that life can bring and reducing self defeating behaviors.

    • Goal Setting
    • Coping with Change
    • Problem Solving Skills and Conflict Resolution
    • Self Defeating Behaviors

See what students are saying about Class A Training Center

What part of the Program did you like the best?

"The resume part, it helped and was very needed."

What part of the Program did you like the best?

"Dealing with change and being mindful of others"

"Learning to prioritize"