Impulse Control

    This class focuses on reducing and eliminating the poor decision making skills which are associated with committing various misdemeanors and/or felonies. Individuals who attend this course are registered in a session with others who have committed similar offenses. Sessions address successful decision making skills, taking responsibility, benefits of behavior change and setting obtainable goals. As all of our courses do, Impulse Control takes a positive approach to behavior modification encouraging attendees to celebrate small repeatable successes and continue to make positive steps toward self improvement.

    Examples of chrages that may apply to this prgram are: Minor in Possession, Destruction of Property, Possession of Marijuana or paraphaernalia, Drving While License Suspended, etc. One day - 6 Contact Hours

    • What defines Impulse Behavior.
    • Harmful Impulsive Behaviors and how their consequences impact your life.
    • Exploring Influential Relationships.
    • Responding to our Emotions and the Emotions of others.
    • Writing Goal Statements.

See what students are saying about Class A Training Center

"The entire experience was great, the teacher made sure we all understood and got the point"

"The aspects I will apply most in my life are the goal setting and holding true to my values and morals."

"I liked learning how to handle stress better and not act on Impulse when I am stressed out."

"I really enjoyed evaluating my goals and behaviors, and how I would achieve those goals. I also liked the discussions."

“I will apply the decision making process to my life to control my impulsiveness.”

“The part of this class I liked the best was learning the ability to change”

“Emotions (was the part I liked best), it was all very educational and brings to my attention how to cope with impulse.”