Decision Based Driving

    In the past, it was common to teach defensive driving. Statistics state, it is better to be a good decision-maker
    than a great vehicle handler. After all, we make thousands of driving decisions a day! Below is a breakdown of
    our courses and what we have found to be the most fitting for varying levels of offenses.

    Level One - One day - 4 Contact Hours:

    This four hour course is an excellent experience for both young and old.The focus is on identifying and changing poor driving behavior and its root cause; poor decision making. The instructor utilizes various training techniques: class discussion, role playing, simulation with critique, CPS (Classroom Performance System), Power Point and short video clips.85 to 90 percent of this class is interactive. This engages the students,
    resulting in retention of the material. Student retention is measured through the CPS. This course has been widely used by a variety of courts for individuals with varying driving offenses and track records. It has been used to help young drivers before they start building poor records and to change experienced drivers outlook on driving.

    Level Two - One day - 8 Contact Hours:

    This eight hour course is an extension of level one. The second block focuses on problem drivers, reckless or negligent behaviors and how these behaviors have affected their lives and the lives of others. Students are set up in numerous scenarios and are required to break each situation down by the elements of bad decision making, the rules of the road each one violates, the possible outcomes of each situation, and the depth
    of the lives each one may affect.

See what students are saying about Class A Training Center


"I will be more cautious and aware of the decisions I make knowing they can have serious affects on myself and those around me"

"This class makes you sit back and think, wow, that could have been me"

"The part I liked best was how the instructor tied stories to the lessons. Those really got me thinking about LIFE, not just driving."

"This course was helpful, to the point and kept my attention."

"The part I liked the best was when we talked about aggressive drivers and how to reduce being an aggressive driver"

Decision Based Driving Level Two:

"I got a lot more than I thought I would have out of this class"

"The course itself can be used in all aspects of an individuals everyday life. The entire course was insightful. Especially the segment pertaining to changing behaviors."

"I will take more personal responsibility and also realizing who is affected by each decision."