Controlling Anger

    Controlling Anger is a multi-week program designed for those who have exhibited trouble controlling their anger and emotional impulses. This course is focused on defining anger and other potentially damaging responses to troubling situations. Emphasis is also placed on gaining control over the use of this emotion and taking responsibility for changing “maladaptive” behavior. Anger is an emotion that is often abused and expressed in a negative way. It is our goal to teach those who attend to properly identify their emotions and transform them into positive and motivational tools. To do so, attendees are educated on various types of anger, responses to anger, as well as triggers and symptoms to be aware of. Attendees of this program will benefit from the teach, and reflect methodology utilized by Class “A” Training Center by reflecting on their personal experiences each week. Attendees are given weekly assignments to complete throughout the week to help them apply the previous class to their lives and find acceptable ways to express their anger. By gaining a better understanding of themselves the attendees will learn to better control their anger and other self-defeating behaviors.

    Course Length - 8 Weeks, 16 Contact Hours, 2 Hours each week:

    • Defining Anger
    • Implementing Productive Responses to Anger
    • Where does Anger Come From
    • Taking Control
    • Identifying our Anger Triggers
    • Coping Skills

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"This class helped me identify my anger triggers which will help me down the road."

"I will apply the alternatives to anger in my own life."

"I enjoy learning about self-defeating behaviors."